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For many dog and cat owners, their pets are part of the family or for some, are their children, and will do what is humanly possible to keep their pet happy and well. It is important for people to eat healthy, it is also important for our pets to eat a nutritional, well-balanced diet. The old adage, "you are what you eat" also applies to dogs and cats. If your pet does not eat a proper diet it will affect the animal's weight, coat, digestive system, joints, etc. Frankly, while this is exactly the same case in people, cats and dogs get no say in what foods they consume. Hence, pet owners must practice good nutrition for them. Feeding the family cat or dog a healthy, wholesome diet with the selection of a quality pet food product will help you to maintain the pet's overall good health and may reduce the risk of many diseases.


Pet food Sterner Veterinary Clinic recommends.


Hills Science Diet

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