Looking to save some extra cash?

Our clients typically save between 30-35% on routine care (vaccines, heartworm test, fecal) vs. Lansing or Grand Rapids.

Our Heartworm and Flea preventatives are competitive with online prices

February and November are Dental Months!

During the month of February and November, you will receive 10% off your pet's scheduled dental.

  • Dentals can be scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • For further information and estimates, please call 616-527-3320

Shelter Discount

Adopt an animal from the shelter and receive 20% off your first visit (spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm/combo test, and Declaws).


Bravecto: a tasty oral chew that gives your dog and cats (topical product) up to three months of protection against fleas and ticks. It provides broad-spectrum and long-lasting protection which starts killing fleas within 2 hours and treats and controls 4 tick species.

*Must have a client-patient relationship

  • Buy 4 get $25 Rebate

  • Buy 2 get $10 Rebate

For more information please visit

Advantage Multi Cats

  • Buy 6 get a $20 Mail in Rebate


  • Buy 12 get a $35 Rebate

  • Buy 6 get a $15 Rebate


  • Buy 12 get a $15 Rebate

Frontline Cats

  • Buy 6 get a $10 off Rebate


  • Buy 90 and get a $45 Rebate

  • Buy 60 and get a $30 Rebate

  • Buy 30 and get a $15 Rebate


  • Buy 3 and get a $6 Rebate

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