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 Senior Pet Wellness  


Senior Wellness

As pets age, their bodies become less able to cope with physical or environmental stress. Since pets are very good at hiding signs of illness, health problems may seem to appear suddenly when, in fact, they have been gradually worsening over a period of months. That's a key reason why most experts recommend that healthy senior pets see their veterinarians every 6 months.



When is a Pet "Senior"?

With many pets living well into their teens, many owners wonder: When is my pet truly senior? The answer is that there is no specific age at which a pet becomes senior. Individual pets age at different rates, and most large- and giant-breed dogs become seniors earlier than small-breed dogs and cats.


Health Issues in Senior Pets

As your pet gets older, being aware of his or her general health can help you monitor for early signs of any problems. As pets age, their organ functioning changes, their immune systems become weaker, and they are more prone to developing certain diseases or conditions, including:

The Senior Pet Exam

Just as with people, it's important for pets to see their doctors more often as they age. A thorough senior wellness exam is designed to promote the longest and healthiest life possible, recognize and control known health risks for older pets, and detect any signs of disease as early as possible, when there are more options for treatment and control.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your pet's senior years are as happy, healthy, and long as possible. Please call us at (616) 527-3320 for an appointment or visit your Pet Portal to learn more.